Level 71

[Post New]by dublinvet on Aug 16, 16 6:39 AM
I can get the appeal and the power but can't do it with 3 stars, only 2. Anyone know a way to do it faster? Already powered up my Workshop and have done the staging with the real estate center.

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Re:Level 71

[Post New]by Silvia543 on Aug 17, 16 2:15 AM
Build a workshop on a zoned lot.
While it builds sell the modern.
Give the workers efficiency training.
Build a sawmill in the upper part.
While it builds hire 3 more workers.
Buy the a-frame in the upper part by double offer and destruct it.
Buy 5000 material.
Build a hotel where the a-frame was.
Build a garden center on a zoned lot.
Paint and landscape the hotel, then sell it.
While you wait for an offer, destruct the garden center.
Buy 5000 more material.
Buy the a-frame on the last zoned lot by double offer and destruct it.
Build a tech center on that zoned lot.
Buy 2 of the cheaper houses in the upper part (if none comes on sale you need a little bit of luck, so the lodge is in one of those spots, or else you don't have enough money for two double offers), 2 fields or more apart from one another and still apart from the sawmill, so a tennis court will upgrade houses left and right.
Destruct these two houses and build 2 tennis courts there.
Build a solar tower on the last zoned lot
Destruct the sawmill, build another tennis court.

If still not enough, i.e. if one of the tennis courts doesn't have houses on both sides, destruct the workshop and build another tennis court.
Alternatively, depending what houses come on sale, you can paint and landscape another house in between.

Takes me less than 3/4 the time available for 3 stars.

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