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Hong Kong 2, help please!

[Post New]by Slavicdiva on Mar 7, 10 1:57 PM
Anybody have a strategy for getting gold on Hong Kong 2?

I have been playing this level for 2 days. I can get either the money or the green points, but never both.

I really dislike the green points, BTW.

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Re:Hong Kong 2, help please!

[Post New]by Leaty on Mar 8, 10 3:14 PM
I've answered that one in the "China 2 help needed" thread... but I'll repost it for you.

That's one of the tougher levels.

3-4 upgraded Horses worked for me - buy cheap broken cars and scrap them for parts (every broken Wise for 60k or lower). That way buying 5000 spare parts once is enough.

You want to be a good bit over the asked 45 green points. To reach that goal upgrade 2-3 Wise, and keep them. That way you can sell 2 or 3 of your upgraded Horses without dropping below 45 points to get the necessary money in quickly, once time is running low.

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