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I may be crazy but.....

[Post New]by mpendo on Aug 18, 16 5:08 PM
...I seem to have better luck wearing my Mountain Ruler skins in the Levels.

Now, since my good skins were robbed from me with the update, I was using Seawolf (adds 2% to score) for levels and Mountain ruler (+5 moves for fight level) for fighting.

But a while ago, after a fight, I forgot to switch back to Seawolf and winning level boards seems to be easier with Mountain Ruler. Is it some programing error in my favor? Am I imagining this??

Don't want to break my winning streak by switching back. Now I'm not saying I don't still use boosts but I'm just spending what I make each day. Maybe someone else give it a try?


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Re:I may be crazy but.....

[Post New]by linda43416 on Aug 19, 16 9:38 AM
use him for everything , seems to be best.

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