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Make sure you save during the trial!

[Post New]by pinkorbit on Mar 9, 10 10:39 AM
If you are doing the trial of this, keep track of your time. If you find yourself still enjoying it 30-40 minutes in...SAVE SAVE SAVE!

i just spent an hour getting a really great character set up, and then the trial just ended. i bought the game, and to my horror, the file was gone and there was no record of my game

i enjoy this game, in a way i don't mind starting all over again, but i'll have to wait until this evening after the kiddies are in bed. it would be great if the game had an auto-save feature, or if BFG employed that little voice reminder (that i think playfirst used) to remind you that you had 2 minutes left. sometimes that hour can really fly by!

FWIW...when you pick your birth month at the beginning, keep those stats in mind as you look for tasks to do. for example, if you choose a month that gives you high magic and cleverness, but low physical strength, it's going to take a ton of HP or MP to succeed on jobs like farming, fighting, etc. singing in the choir at church really improves your artistry and even magic some, although it doesn't pay. invest some of your inital dinero in a class to give you a headstart...

as someone already mentioned, go to your parent's house every time your HP or MP needs restoring. anyone else been having problems typing in these message boxes today? it does fine for a little while, but now, if i'm not typing, my cursor moves all over the box, and the text scrolls and jumps all over the place...


Re:Make sure you save during the trial!

[Post New]by Smoke_w on Oct 6, 10 5:07 AM
your flipping, dancing cursor maybe a result of fuzz in your mouse's optical port (the place where the mouse reads the table or pad surface). i have cats. . . talk about fuzz! at any rate, tweezers and fingers both will help clear the stuff, and your cursor will thank you later. ;-)

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