Level(?) Autumn 40

[Post New]by SharonBee on Mar 9, 10 5:53 PM
I've been stuck at "Autumn 40" for some time now. I had tried this game last night, liked it, and purchased it today.

I can earn coins, but I don't get the option to purchase any items. Is there a known problem at this level that hasn't been fixed?



Re:Level(?) Autumn 40

[Post New]by SharonBee on Mar 9, 10 9:37 PM
Bad form to reply to myself... sorry.

I created a second player, and I got to Autumn level 35 this time. Once again, I am stuck. I get to a score of about 800+, and I get a "time out." The game continues to play from here, but I get no credit for the coins earned, and am unable to buy any items for my garden.

I'm running under Windows Vista, and I'm very disappointed with the way this game is behaving.

Any ideas?

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Re:Level(?) Autumn 40

[Post New]by dmekersa on Mar 25, 10 8:02 AM
The value (1 to 9) for "coins", "bamboo" and "kanjis" tiles are randomly chosen by the game for each level. So, if you got "low value", it can be very hard to reach the objectives. Every time you restart a level, you have some chance to get high values, so be patient.
You have "Time out" because you use to much of time to reach the objectives. Learn to play fast, use the right click to accelerate tiles. Good luck.

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