I'm going to lay it out

[Post New]by pferreira1983 on Aug 23, 16 2:22 AM
Okay, there's been a lot of criticism over this game for it being difficult finding hidden objects. Most HOG games are unfortunately like that, it's the only way developers can create a challenge. Now the main problem really, what really ruins the game apart from being totally boring is that the hotspot detection is completely off for a lot of he objects. In many cases I found myself clicking on what I thought was the correct object three times but the object didn't register so I must be wrong. When I used a hint to come back to it it was the exact object I'd bee clicking on before! It seems I was clicking in the wrong part of the object to get it to register a click! This is the main issue with the game. If a HOG game can't even provide accurate hotspots what's the point in playing. Along with the 'Jesus Christ cameo' in the shooting gallery doesn't any one at BF QA these games. I know it's a new game every day but I'm amazed at stuff like this passing under the radar.

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