[Post New]by colleenk521 on Aug 24, 16 10:04 AM
I know this probably won't get a response so I am probably silly for even posting it. I am playing the game and I can easily find the Collectables but for the life of me I can't figure out where the souvenirs are. I can't even find the very first one. If any one can give me any suggestions on how to find them I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance




[Post New]by colleenk521 on Aug 24, 16 7:39 PM
lol I was right people like to look but no one likes to help out thanks a lot all

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[Post New]by M_LADY on Aug 27, 16 9:49 AM
Hello, Colleen521 and welcome to the Pond!

The Souvenirs are found in the Souvenir Room. Go to the "Extras" section from the main menu. After you've completed the main and bonus games, you can enter the Souvenir Room and find all of the objects. Hope this helps.




[Post New]by BarbaraFish on Sep 2, 16 9:09 PM
I have never understood this either. But the souvenirs cannot be found while you are playing the game. They are only available for you to find after you finish the bonus game. I guess they want to make sure we get 100% at something.

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[Post New]by callmepops on Oct 1, 16 5:17 PM
Sometimes in the souvenirs room you have to roam around some of them are not hidden in the open others are.I like them

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