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Some very very basic info.

[Post New]by dd1406tt on Mar 12, 10 12:09 PM
I figured this out after reading many entries in this forum so hope this helps. I had to start over because I did not know this.

There are 4 sections to this game. Each section starts with a map showing the locations available in that section.

Be sure to complete all the mini games and find all the hidden objects in a section before moving on to the next section BECAUSE YOU CAN NOT GO BACK.

You will know you have completed a section sucessfully when you get a scroll.
There are four of them. When you have all four then you can complete the end of the game.


Re:Some very very basic info.

[Post New]by oldidiot on Mar 13, 10 12:51 AM
thanks that helps a lot but looks like i'll have to start over AGAIN !!!

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