Activity Mode In Avenue Flo

[Post New]by QuinnLime on Mar 12, 10 3:32 PM
I have Trouble with Something in Avenue Flo it's the bead Machine in Avenue Flo in Activity Mode Level 10 I can't figure out the pattern can anybody help me with this?


Re:Activity Mode In Avenue Flo

[Post New]by angellily17 on Apr 30, 14 3:42 PM
It took a while for me too its almost like an x pattern, I tried to attach a picture to show you but it wouldn't work. Maybe this will help, I've described the moves from the first red one:
1- right pink 2- down left pink 3- down right pink 4-right blue 5- up left pink 6-right pink 7-down right pink 8-down left orange 9-left pink 10- down left pink 11-down right pink 12 left pink 13 down right blue 14 left pink 15 down right pink 16 down left red 17 right pink 18 up right blue 19 up right pink 20 up right orange 21 up left orange 22 right yellow 23 down right orange 24 right pink 25 down left pink 26 left pink 26 down left pink 27 down right red

Okay from here the pattern is pretty much filled in and you just need to zigzag to the end.
Take care

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Re:Activity Mode In Avenue Flo

[Post New]by hel54 on Jul 23, 14 3:43 AM
Ye and i am stuck at level 11 help me?

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