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Use realtime direction level

[Post New]by Taltam1 on Mar 13, 10 6:45 AM
I have the trucks and own the contracts but how do I use the realtime direction to complete this level? I have already bought the upgrade, too.

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Re:Use realtime direction level

[Post New]by shelbel255 on Mar 17, 10 7:32 AM
On the screen with the garage, human resources, etc. there is one called finance. Go in there and you will see where you can buy the advertising and other things. On the bottom of the screen there is the option to buy realtime driving. You need to purchase this.

Good Luck!!!


Re:Use realtime direction level

[Post New]by hayward_deb on Mar 17, 10 10:30 PM
Yeah but Taltam has already bought that. The question was how to use it, and I have to agree. First, though, I don't think you actually have to use it since I completed the game without ever knowingly using it.

However, from what I could kind of figure, from that level on, there would occasionally be problems (generally appearing exactly like a pile of sand) blocking the road. I think that we were suppose to magnify the area in which our trucks were stuck and <magically> direct them around the blockage.

If someone out there knows how to do the <magic>, I would like to know also.



Re:Use realtime direction level

[Post New]by hayward_deb on Mar 20, 10 12:02 AM
Good gravy, I figured it out. Once you have bought the upgrade, and you are in regular mode (not fast forward) and you are zoomed out, you can click in front of the selected truck (the one in red) on the road and it follows. Little glowing dots appear. Like leaving breadcrumbs!

Eventually the GPS will figure out the route from where you've guided the truck and you can let auto-pilot take over.


Re:Use realtime direction level

[Post New]by Ron_Swanson on Dec 28, 13 6:59 AM
Thanks a bunch Deb. I can't understand why they didn't put any info into the help menu on how to use features like this. I bought it expecting to find some new control or something unlocked. I have not yet needed it as none of my trucks have been effected by the, soon to be sprung on me I presume, traffic blockages.

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