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Chapter 5 -- BEACH

[Post New]by jcsgame on Aug 30, 16 3:59 PM
I replayed the game again, up to the Beach point.

--------------SPOILER ALERT------

Listed below is exactly the steps that I performed......maybe this will help those of you that are stuck at the Beach.

Listen to Bethany
When she is done talking, click anywhere on the screen to continue.
Bethany will destroy the walkway.

At this point, you should have a ? showing on the screen.
Your Inventory should contain: Eagle, Coffee Grinder and Tongs

Click anywhere on the screen
Valor's Light will light-up
Use Valor's Light to find the Symbols.

Click on the Wall above the Large Boulder on the Stairs
Play HOS
You will get a "Coin" for Valor's Light; back out of the HOs scene and insert the coin into Valor's Light.

Click on the Boat and take the Blanket Piece, Map, and Rope

Use the Rope on the Statue Spear, the Statue will rise.

Click again on the Wall area where you played the; HOS
Click the Lever in the lower right corner
Back out of the scene,

The Left Pillar now has an area for you to place the Eagle; put it there.

Now you have to arrange the cylinders of each Pillar
Left Pillar:
top: Blank
2nd: 2 circles
3rd: The bottom pillar does NOT move

Right Pillar
Top: 1 Triangle
2nd: 1 Circle
3rd: The bottom pillar does NOT move

Once the Pillar cylinders are arranged, the Walkway will be rebuilt.

At this time your Inventory should contain: a Coffee Grinder, Tongs and Blanket Piece.

Walk Forward on the Walkway

I hope this helps those of you that are having problems with the Beach scene.

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