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That blasted flame

[Post New]by Supaige on Aug 31, 16 3:42 PM
So I'm not even 15 minutes into the game, and already I've hit a major snag - the signal candle puzzle.

I can't even start the first sequence - no matter were I click on the candle, it just rises above the pattern. If I try to move it I get that "banging, you made a mistake" noise, and the candle goes back to the starting point.. Holding down the mouse button (a hint I read elsewhere in the forum) doesn't help one bit. I would like to actually solve this puzzle instead of skipping it - is there something I'm doing wrong, or missing, or what?

Thanks for any help.


Re:That blasted flame

[Post New]by Rhonda98367 on Sep 5, 16 4:39 PM
It will do that its like the game operation you have to keep from hitting the sides. keep it between the sides. when you finish 1 symbol it goes to another one.
Hope this helps.

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