Can't get Emerald

[Post New]by winfrey on Sep 2, 16 5:30 AM
I am at this point
Place the RAVEN SILHOUETTE and select it 2 times; look at the note and select all the pieces to get the STAFF OF OSCILLATIONS (A).
Place the RITUAL MASK. Place items as shown 1-6.
Take the EMERALD ( .

I have the staff but when I click on the statues nothing happens, I cant get the Emerald?? in the video you can click on the the statues and they have things in their hands. Nothing happens when I try to click on them and they have nothing in their hands????? When I click on the hint button I go to every area with a nothing to do here??

I also have the mask and the 3 pieces SIGIL OF THE WELL

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