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Stuck? Try this...

[Post New]by ChestnutHeights on Sep 2, 16 1:43 PM
This game has some programming issues. Success on a level is not necessarily based on the number of customers you service.

Successfully completing a level is based on product selection and sometimes that selection goes against the logical choice based on the customer forecast.

In fact, to complete some of these levels, you need to choose very specific items.

That said, not all is lost. If you do an internet search of Cathy Craft walk through, there is a site that gives you...

item selection, mouse location and other tips.

I can't provide the link or name the website because it's against forum rules, but I highly recommend doing the search.

I had to access it for a few levels, because like most of us playing, they were impossible to pass without having the correct product mix.

Good luck!

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Re:Stuck? Try this...

[Post New]by letsdoit on Sep 17, 16 10:09 AM
CHESTNUT... I have also done the tips, trick, or as called the walkthrough for this game Cathy's Crafts...amazingly it is a super helping glad you posted this, have fun!


Re:Stuck? Try this...

[Post New]by peeweesfun on Sep 19, 16 9:48 PM
thank you thank you thank you i was going crazy

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