When game opens, only get a black screen

[Post New]by Puzzlers2 on Sep 2, 16 7:58 PM
This is the 3rd game from BigFish that I've had this problem with (the other two are Safecracker and The Secrets of Da Vinci). I've tried all the fixes from all the articles that even remotely might have related and nothing works. I sent in a ticket with a Dr Felix report 3 weeks ago for another of the games that I have the exact same issue with and I've gotten NO help. Instead, I've gotten 2 emails from Tech Support saying they haven't read my letter explaining my problem yet, and if they don't hear back from me in 72 hours, they'll assume I no longer need help, but if I'm still having the problem, try these articles. Or I can use this coupon link to buy a different game or I can just keeping waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting............PLEASE if anyone else has had the problem of, when they click on the game to open it, it goes to a black screen where your cursor is only visible in a limited area right in the middle of the screen and that's all that happens, tell me what you've done to fix it. I'm on a new MSI Windows 10 gaming laptop with everything up to date and none of the compatibility troubleshooting has worked (or any other fixes, for that matter). I just joined BigFish a month ago and I'm feeling really discouraged that so many of the games I've bought (3 out of 10) won't work and I can't get any help.

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Re:When game opens, only get a black screen

[Post New]by j_ohn on Nov 1, 16 3:20 PM
I get the same thing on several games, and I get the same NO help.

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