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List of spells

[Post New]by kiciak77 on Mar 16, 10 9:06 AM
I've created list of spells and how to learn them, could you please help completing it?

1. Candles
3. Leaf
5. Snowflake
6. Charge - find out what happend to Betty's leg
7. Flame - spider web
9. Quake
11. Clover - foraging
12. Heart - birthday
13. Mirage - desert
14. Rain
15. Sun
16. Cross
17. Incense
18. Music
19. Scream - babysitting
21. Crystal
22. Lava- lava dungeons
23. Mushroom - mushroom ring
24. Shadow
25. Wine - selling

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Re:List of spells

[Post New]by Tilia_Linden on Mar 18, 10 11:56 AM
I have copied this from the walkthrough:

Candles = first spell; Growing up in a candle shop, you've had a lot of experience with candles!
Mirage = stand next to the dungeon in the desert on the left side.
Leaf = Walk between the two forested areas directly to the east of your home village.
Lily = Obtained from the leafy area of the lake west of your home.
Cross = talk to the priest about sin.
Incense = Yule celebration in church.
Nightmare = get defeated in battle.
Star = talk to the astronomer.
Sun = walk around near the beach resort area.
Flame = obtained from the Indian guy in the desert after finding the blocked entrance in the desert dungeon.
Wine = Work for the market girl in the city.
Lava = Enter the eastern dungeon.
Snowflake = Enter the northern dungeon.
Quake = Enter the western dungeon.
Mushroom = stand in the circle of mushrooms by the water dungeon.
Clover = work at foraging.
Charge = obtained after a chat option opens up at foraging but you need to keep foraging until you get this.
Crystal = Mining.
Scream = babysitting (low sin required).
Rain = tend the fields with the farmer.
Heart = visit your parents on your birthday.
Shadow = visit the sewer tunnels southwest of the village.
Tear = take classes at the cultural center and work as a museum guide and let Armand paint you when he asks, check up with him after and you will receive this.
Music = sing at the church choir.
Feather = find out about the shooting star from the astronomer then talk to the innkeeper who will tell you about 5 trees, they are just north of your home town so go there and receive this spell.

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Re:List of spells

[Post New]by Yetses on Mar 31, 10 7:45 PM
where's that walkthrough?

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