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Albamonte crypt - HELP

[Post New]by katintn on Sep 5, 16 3:50 AM
What is keyword for this and how do you work the horse dial?


Re:Albamonte crypt - HELP

[Post New]by yellowflat on Sep 5, 16 3:10 PM
Hello katintn, highlight the space below to read to avoid spoilers for others.

the word is written in latin right in the front wall, the word is "ANIMUS".
Put the grandfather's walking stick, found in the grandfather's antique store, in the hole in the middle of the disk.
Click the stone horses at the right and the left of the disk to rotate the stick in order to compose the word "ANIMUS". You need to compose first A, then N, then I and so on..

Good Luck!

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