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Dead time...literally!

[Post New]by kelnjor on Mar 16, 10 8:59 PM
i didnt come on here and read reviews until i had already started the trial download, and went ahead and gave it a go...
what can i say?..
Pro's - ok graphics, music not offending. great if you love watching a game rather than playing.

Con's - with all the dialogue at every click (literally) i felt i should have gone to the video store instead..way too much talking and footage, than actual game play.
very easy and basic games in can space bar thru all the talking, but i feel you would end up spacing right thru to the end.
i only played for 30 mins, so maybe it suddenly got better at the end, but after needing a 2nd coffee after 15min to stop from dozing, decided wasnt game for me..
also a couple glitches in game play, had to reload couple times, as couldnt find items that were supposed to be there on screen (didnt appear until reloaded) also couldnt shut game down? maybe this is the new thing to keep players playing in such a riveting game..haha.
i would defintely recommend trying before you buy this one!!!!

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