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So Weary of this game!

[Post New]by lvbrule on Mar 17, 10 9:52 PM
This looked like a game I would really like, however...I dislike, immensely, going all over creation and back & forth across the lake, and changing nite to day to find something or someone, on and on and on. First game I've ever regretted buying - -literally had to follow the walkthrough line by line the first time and only got as far as putting the underground dog map together - - I was exhausted and I uninstalled it. I hate giving up and last wk I thought I'd give it another go - - I'm uninstalling it now for good and will never try another Nancy Drew. For those fishies who love it and played most of them......I SALUTE YOU!
This is not intended to be a negative reflection on BF whatsoever - -I have bought many games and this is the only one that didnt have a 1 hr. trial, that bit me - - my bad.

I lv BFG!!!


Re:So Weary of this game!

[Post New]by loveitsag on Jun 19, 10 12:27 PM
I am lost in the woods it seems forever. I have the walkthrough and I can't go by the map. So aggravated with the game. I hate the woods. I keep going in circles.Any help appreciated.

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Re:So Weary of this game!

[Post New]by Mrs_Kim on Aug 28, 10 5:22 AM
basically this is the way to go to the cemetery from the house:
L, R, R, L, L, R (see a big dead tree), R,L, R, L (see yellow ribbon on the tree), L,R, L, L, R, R on the first turn (see a small tree stump), L, R, R, L, see cemetery.

To go back home:
R, L, L (See tree stump), R, L,L, R, R, L (see yellow ribbon on tree), R, R, L (see tree log), R (see dead tree), L, L, R, R, L, L, R, ,and walk straight to the house.

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