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[Post New]by PaulaSan on Sep 8, 16 6:52 AM
Morning cbtx,

My impression from other posts in this forum is that the BF version only has 9 chapters. After searching around online, I saw only one other site that has the 'Premier Edition'. It has 3 more chapters...Bonus: 10, 11, and 12.
That is in keeping with the other games from this dev that Big Fish has offered here. They only get the SE versions of the games. My impression is that BF doesn't feel that the Premeir versions are quite up to charging BF's full CE price for the extra content and I think they are fair in that assessment... although I wish we could get the full versions!
But... at least we get them! I am a fan of these games and have played almost all of them! As I remember the cut versions do seem to have an 'ending', but I can't be totally sure of how satisfying an ending, as a couple of times, I have bought the PE at another site. I do know I have enjoyed playing them!
Since I have a pcc to use I'm going to get this one for free! You can't beat that...ha!

Happing gaming!

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Re:bonus content

[Post New]by LarkBea on Sep 8, 16 8:08 AM
No bonus content in this one. Another game site has the "platinum edition" with CE content. Google "Kingdom of Aurelia - Mystery of the Poisoned Dagger Platinum Edition" for more info.

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[Post New]by tookat on Sep 20, 16 4:20 PM
I KNEW something like this would happen.
I am not sure it is Big Fishes fault could be the devs and whatever game site they do the premier edition in.

I Love their games, but am tired of having to buy them at other sites and looking for sales or coupons for those games there.

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