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What ARE "Belt Laps"?

[Post New]by Witchy55 on Sep 8, 16 4:26 AM
On many games within Clutter V, it lists the number of "Matches" on the right hand side of the screen before the game starts. On the same screen, it also lists "Belt Laps" on the left hand side of the screen.

What ARE Belt Laps?

I'd love to have an answer to this question before I go insane. Thank you for creating such a wonderful and challenging game, Joe!

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Re:What ARE "Belt Laps"?

[Post New]by JoeKazz on Sep 10, 16 10:50 AM
Hi Witchy55:

The Belt Laps are a counter that count the little treadmill slices as they go by. (In earlier Clutters there was a one-to-one of the slices to the Belt Laps Counter....but now it's 2 treadmill slices for one Belt Lap). I probably should have named it better...(because it's not really a full Lap...it's just a slice).

Glad you're enjoying the games.


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