Find a language translator!!!

[Post New]by Sehjii on Mar 18, 10 7:26 AM
I am so disappointed. I was really looking forward to this game. I love Heroes of M&M, Diablo and that whole franchise and genre. I really wanted this game to work for me.

But I could NOT get past the poor English! The text is so horribly butchered. How much would it have cost to get a native English speaker to edit the text? Goodness... I'd have done it for a copy of the game!

I'm glad that Eastern block, asian and eastern markets and other foreign countries are finding a way to make money. But if they are going to try to market to THE buying market, the United States, then they need to use proper grammar and use vocabulary words in their proper context.

I am not being jingoistic here. If the translation had been close or even smooth, I might have been able to overlook it. But it had the look of having been run through or babelfish and left as it was.

Really folks... with the worldwide web at your fingertips, it is NOT hard to find a native "any language" speaker to help you with the text for just about any market in the world... certainly any market that can afford to buy a game and has leisure time to play it.


Re:Find a language translator!!!

[Post New]by Akarios on Mar 26, 10 8:20 AM
Agreed.... was aiming to give this one a very good examination, since I'm also a fan of Heroes of Might & Magic and similar titles, but I couldn't even get through the tutorial during the free trial hour. Way too much work to stumble through the horrendous writing and editing - can't really get into the game when every sentence jars you out of the immersion and you have to take it half-speed to figure out what exactly they are taking about... there were even a few phrases I literally had no clue what was being said. If you can't keep someone's attention during a free trial, that's really saying something.

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