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Some Gripes

[Post New]by 16paws on Sep 10, 16 4:33 PM
Having just come off a run of dystopian settings in movies this year (2016), I found it discouraging to come upon another ruined and wrecked community in "Livingston." Add to that sinister hints about NASA and the government at war with the populace and enabling aliens to abuse humans, and I was tempted to quit after the first couple of scenes.

Wasn't it amazing that our once comatose protagonist awoke with the ability to ram through a chain barricaded door in order to escape the hospital? To lift a car while her daughter found some concrete blocks to brace the vehicle until the jack could be positioned? Well, we've all heard about the mother who did just that when her child was trapped under a car, but I don't think she was recovering from a coma.

The daughter was absolutely creepy, almost ghost-like. Of course the humans who had been afflicted could not have appeared otherwise.

It could be that the total experience of "Livingston" reminded me of the year I spent as a community volunteer boarding up abandoned houses in the seediest neighborhoods of my city. Just couldn't shake the negative feelings during the game. But, not wanting to be a quitter, I kept on to the finish, which was a little confusing, as memos at company headquarters seemed to absolve the executives of any complicity in the sinister plot against humans.

On the other hand, I found the puzzles to be challenging enough to allow me a triumphal celebration as each one was solved. Unlike another poster, I didn't feel annoyed with these puzzles; the developers did not insult female gamers by giving us elementary school level tasks. None of them required the expertise of a rocket scientist.

I probably will not re-play "Livingston." I've been spoiled, by CE's with their collectibles and awards, and by newer games with precise animation, audible dialogue, interactive maps and stunning graphics. Big Fish keeps offering better experiences, so of course I'll keep fishing.

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