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Found alternate vinegar, and fingerprint advice.

[Post New]by Heather_G on Sep 10, 16 10:01 PM
I was one of the people who completed the HOP in the crypt and didn't get the unknown liquid that turns out to be vinegar. So, I couldn't fix the film or progress in the game. The next night, I was able to go past the undertaker's house, into the street with the post office. I'm not sure if I just missed that the previous night, or if restarting the game did it, but in that street, there's a low, barred window on the left. I found the bottle on the sill there and it turned out to be vinegar. Is the strategy guide wrong, or is this an alternate location? Anyway, if you're stuck with no vinegar, this is something to try.

The first time you use the fingerprint kit, you have to dip the brush onto what looks like a silver coin in the kit, not the thing that looks like a little dish (turns out that's a roll of tape).

I agree this was the sloppiest Shadow Wolf game yet. Lot's of little problems, and the translation got very poor near the end.

I was left scratching my head after the end of the main game. I hope the bonus game will explain what happened, but I feel bad for anyone playing the standard edition.

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