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Why is this discussion locked?

[Post New]by glb613 on Sep 12, 16 10:05 AM

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Re:Why is this discussion locked?

[Post New]by bfgIlinalta on Sep 12, 16 10:18 AM
Howdy glb613,

It sounds like that there is a question about the locked threads in this particular game forum. A previous change to our Forums included the automatic locking of threads that have been inactive for 180 days or more. This means that a thread that hasn't had active participation in a while will be automatically locked and is likely why this thread appears to have no open threads. This feature was put into place to help improve stability and performance in the Forums.

If you'd like to start a new thread on a topic that's already been discussed, you can absolutely do so, as we encourage players to continue discussing games.

If you'd like to refer to an older thread in your post, you can definitely copy and paste the URL for the older thread in your post. Please keep in mind that in keeping with the Forum Rules, only links from the Big Fish website can be included in Forum posts.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to helping out in any way that we can. We do ask that posts be specific to the forum's game title and if you have questions that are not game related, please feel free to PM any of the active Moderators if you have any non game specific questions.


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