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Trixie Belle's Day/Nightmare

[Post New]by AnnaDownes01 on Sep 14, 16 3:07 AM
To all friends of Trixie Belle TAS/Aust I would like you to know that her computer is slowly dying and I am waiting for Customer Service to transfer her to a new computer and ID.

Today her computer decided to have an attack of the upset the player. For some reason it decided to boot up as a new user of Vista 2007, then it downloaded MC took forever to do so. I opened the game and was still at level 74 but with only John as a friend.

I thought that maybe the game had been transferred without my knowing, logged on to the new computer. NO SUCH LUCK. Back to the old laptop.

I logged out of the game & game back in, same result. In a right panic as it was 08:15 am and I had to be out of the door by 09:00, I decided to try to fix it.

All I could find was system restore (restores to factory settings, pulled it up and read a dialogue box, chose what I thought was what I needed, said a prayer, crossed fingers, toes and eyes and went for broke.

Somehow it worked and I got everything back as it should be, proper desktop layout, proper friends list and managed to gift out for that session. Played the DQ, in the Crypt, game froze. Could not get Task manager up so said a few rude words and pulled the cord out.

Came back tonight, gifted and started the 20 HOS in 30 minutes quest. Game kept stalling, would collect several items, game stood stock still, then would let go of several items and the timer would rocket along. Finally, using every hint I had left, I managed to get the task done with 21 HOS.

I will be sending up a cheer you will hear from Australia when I finally get the game transferred to the new computer.

So if I don't gift as regularly as I always do I hope you will understand and that you at least get a chuckle from this post. It is better to laugh than to cry.


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Re:Trixie Belle's Day/Nightmare

[Post New]by LillieCat55 on Sep 14, 16 9:44 AM
Hang in there, Trixie....your friends (RoseCat among them) will be patient, and just hope you "get well" soon!

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