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New Porthole Scenes......

[Post New]by Tinyfeet2 on Sep 15, 16 7:53 AM
I've opened the Alchemist, Hot Springs and Witch's Forrest portholes. I've yet to find a tavern card in the alchemist porthole. Do you have to complete one quest before the cards start to drop?

Oh, and Hot Springs....... It's a winter scene.... Someone has a sense of humor with that one.

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Re:New Porthole Scenes......

[Post New]by Oldboyracer on Sep 15, 16 8:08 AM
I had the portal open when the Tavern became available so can't answer for definite but I shouldn't think so.


Re:New Porthole Scenes......

[Post New]by 4Moonchild on Sep 16, 16 7:46 AM
Hi Tinyfeet 2,

As you may know, the cards fade in and out, sometimes after visiting the same location twice or thrice.. The Alchemist's one can be tricky and on several occasions I know I've checked well, but still can't get it to show. I just go back to the tavern and ask again. Then usually it will show up within one or two search klicks.

They can be on the bottom left and right and on the top left, behind the statue at its bottom left, or peeping around the brick wall to the right of Frank, on the right side.
Also they can come up straight in front of you, on the 'upstep' of the stairs, behind the grass.

When you turn downstairs into the hall with the fireplace and two doorways, it can be at the bottom right of the fire place, in the crack of the pilar (it turns from dark grey to yellow if the card appears), or above the left arch in the open stonework (centre) or above the right arch (bottom left of the open stone work).

Turn upstairs left and you'll find it under the table on the right, on the table, halfway up the right wall (it will show horizontally, but you'll see the shadow of the card appear first) and on the top left of the screen. I believe there is one more, but this gets you started.

If you would have turned right, to the basement, you can find one every so often right up the stem of the palmtree in the back, halfway that stem and under the chair at the desk on the left. I too can't find any more of them in that room..

I hope this helps. Remember that you can always ask your friends for cards in your wish boxes. Best of luck and let me know if this worked!


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Re:New Porthole Scenes......

[Post New]by gsdogs on Sep 16, 16 9:32 AM
would be great to get into it but no Quests come up to let me haven't had one in to weeks If they are not going to let us in they should take them out and put something in we can play

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