What Am I Doing Wrong

[Post New]by HisChildBeth on Mar 19, 10 9:28 AM
I rather liked this game in trial and bought it. I don't buy inexpensive casual games for their fantastic anything. I just want something that is relaxing for a few hours and doesn't tax the brain too much. If I want something with more meat then I'll go buy one of those $40-50 monsters. Now my problem --

I have almost completely developed the first island, and I have 0, YES 0, tourists!

I have 4 levels of accomodations - cabins, upgraded cabins, sea cottages and upgraded sea cottages to avail tourists of all price ranges if that matters, but it sounds logical in my brain. For each set of accomodations I have a housekeeping unit and a workshop as the tutorial said and if I have upgraded the accomodations attached to the housekeeping buildings then I upgraded the housekeeping and workshop building to match.

I only have snack and fast food stands and I have those spread out only a short walk from any beach or housing area.

I have 2 souvenior stalls and 1 handcraft stand.

I have gotten 3 sourviners.

I have the upgraded Cave.

I have roads leading to the Temple, but only accomodations close by.

I have a road leading out to the volcano but only a few cabins along the way.

I have trash cans about every two feet along the roads.

I have beach balls, chairs and umbrellas on 3 different beach areas, trash and food close by those beach areas.

I have several small gardens and bunches of plants to help pollution according to the tips.

I can accomodate 235 people; I have a housing and food rating of 48 each, I have about 70 workers but the game controls those. The 1 negative I have is a pollution rating over 100 hundred which I have not a clue how to reduce since I have trash cans, gardens, plants and jungle just about anywhere there isn't a building of some sort.

It keeps telling me to build more cabins to attract more people, but that means building more housekeeping and workshop buildings and that in turn means hiring more maintenance people. It is stupid to keep saying build more cabins when the ones I have are empty!

That was very long, but I wanted to be sure that whoever answers really sees what my devlopment method is like.

As I said at the beginning, I have 0 visitors and I currently have $13.


Thanks! Beth

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Re:What Am I Doing Wrong

[Post New]by bfgTigris on Mar 19, 10 10:20 AM
Hi HisChildBeth,

I was able to find some tips in another thread, hopefully this will get you some tourists!

pugmom2 wrote:Got it! Keep the polution level below 40, I think I had mine down to 29 and then had to build a couple of condo's to meet the 100 tourists. Once the polution level is low, tourists start coming back.
Hope this helps!

jessiebrian wrote:pollution is so hard sometimes! but another hint is to build another airport. i had accomodations for 200 pollution, around 30, and still couldnt get enough people. i build a 2nd airport and got 200 people in minutes.

Hope this helps!



Re:What Am I Doing Wrong

[Post New]by HisChildBeth on Mar 19, 10 10:52 AM

Thanks so much for a quick reply and the help. I had a feeling that the pollution was the problem, but I felt stumped at what to do since I had trash cans every where and plants, gardens and jungle. The suggestions sound very good, but I'm at a level right now where I haven't been offered an airport or a condo. Do you know when that will happen?

Is there any kind of time line goal that I must achieve like getting all 3 attractions in a certain number of days, or so many tourists before you can before day X, etc.?

Thanks again, Beth

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Re:What Am I Doing Wrong

[Post New]by subiegirl on Mar 22, 10 8:21 AM
Depending on your level, tourists will not come and/or will leave based solely on your pollution level. Some of the things you can do to reduce your pollution:
1. Go to the tab that has the palm tree. These are all things you can buy that will reduce your pollution. For $1500 you can buy a cabana. For $5000 you can buy a fountain. The fountains reduce pollution considerably. Sometimes just building a few cabanas, a fountain or two and some small plants can reduce pollution below the appropriate level.
2. Pick up trash (they call it rubbish). Just click on it and it will go away.
3. Click on the very last tab on the right. It has certain things you can build (like a zoological garden) that will both reduce pollution and give you more sightseeing points.

Since it's been awhile since I played the version with rules (I am now on sandbox) I don't know if you have access to any of these, but as soon as you do, definitely implement these changes and your pollution will drop dramatically.

Something else that doesn't affect pollution but greatly increases your tourist numbers is to develop the beaches. Click on the beach ball tab and buy things (I think actually this is part of the goals of one of the levels...

Hope this helps! It's a great game once you figure it out- very fun and not too challenging, but challenging enough to keep you engaged. :-)


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[Post New]by Snuffytoo on Mar 12, 11 10:43 AM
It's possible you don't have a road actually connected to the airport. I had the same problem, and discovered that in my zeal to create gorgeousness, I had failed to put a road far enough out.

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