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Sept. 16, 2016 Review

[Post New]by yowzasma on Sep 16, 16 10:00 PM

Having just completed this unusual little game, I must say I really enjoyed it even though it is a little 'rough around the edges' as compared to the super developers that produce the majority of the newer games. These Developers seemed to really go out of their way to put in as much as they could in the way of little touches here and there.
My helper/partner was there when I needed him and was very polite The hint and jump map worked fine
IMHO, I like to try and play new or not very prolific devs and I make it part of the game to learn different names of items in other parts of the world. Language interpretation and spelling are fine and a lot better than I could do
The game-play was sometimes laggy and once some items disappeared from sight near the end BUT as per fellow Fishies posted in Tech problems, just back out of the game and go back
I'm giving this surprise game & 1/2 out of 5 on my personal enjoy ability scale.

Played on desktop PC running factory installed Windows 10 with a few little problems noted above.

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