[Post New]by Rostieger on Sep 17, 16 6:49 AM
I have been playing this game for months. But I have become tired and frustrated playing impossible levels where there is little hope of beating the level unless you spend money.. REAL MONEY! Love the concept but lots of things would make it better:
1) As the city levels get more difficult, so should the rewards. Example: New Orleans is impossible to complete without buying boosts and extra turns, yet the coins earned per level is the same as Australia which is easy by comparison. There should be a gradual increase in coins earned as the cities get more difficult.

2)Where there are color blockers in a level, at least provide enough gummies of that color to blow them up and have a fighting chance of beating the level. That does not happen.. in LA there are a few level like that impossible to beat.

3)If you play the levels again to earn additional resources, you should also earn additional coins.

4) All levels should be programmed in such a way that while they may be difficult they can be beaten WITHOUT BOOSTS. Maybe you would have to play the level a few times to get it but having to play a level over 50 times with no hope of winning is ridiculous and NOT FUN ! (I find that sometimes if you leave the game for a few days and go back to the same level, the game "allows you to win the level". I will never believe that this is random !

5) The cost of boosts is ridiculous !

6) Once you have gotten to the Helping Hands and completed their challenge you should not have to pay a huge price in coins to buy what is offered.

7) the reward provided in each group of 10 levels is unattainable as most of the good stuff is at the Master Builder level making the rewards impossible to win in some cities...(New Orleans, L.A, Shanghai)

I'm sure I could think of more ways to make this game more fun and addictive, but I am not going to play any more for awhile as I am tired of being frustrated and losing 5 lives in a space of about 10 minutes of play.

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[Post New]by KingTrout on Sep 17, 16 1:07 PM
Every time you complete a board you get free coins. The coins are there so you can buy boosts when you get to very difficult level and don't want to wait it out.

If you need coins for a difficult city, go back to an easier city and play unworked higher levels to raise some funds. If you've gotten all the way to LA, try revisiting Sydney, Tokyo or Rome. Yes, some boards are frustrating, but by playing the bigger game of amassing wealth and managing coins it really is more fun.

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[Post New]by Trav3lbird on Sep 18, 16 10:05 PM
You mainly need lots of patience! I have been playing since not long after it started and am on the last street in Amsterdam but the only real money I have used was to buy the "life lifter" to get 5 lives very early in the game. There is a lot of strategy involved I have discovered as I go on - whether to use the helping hands or just ship resources and use coins to upgrade the factories and ships - lots to consider but the cities are definitely easier as you get through so just hang in in there

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[Post New]by Celainey on Sep 25, 16 8:05 AM
I'm in Havanna and I agree. You may be able to clear the tiles but to get enough points to win the level you have to buy your way through. I also think that when you get to your helpers, you have spent enough coins to get there and you shouldn't have to use more coins to buy the reward. They make it easy enough just to hook you.

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[Post New]by lordkalvan on Sep 25, 16 1:18 PM
Some of the cities are horribly difficult, and sometimes I get three bad ones in a row. What I have found is that as long as I am willing to ship from other ports or grind for green gems, I don't have to buy all the cards. That leaves me with more coins for power ups later, and particularly if I am grinding for a day or two I earn coins from the resource mart (trading center?). If I am just shipping for a couple of days, and I have 400 travel vouchers, I take a day trip to an easy city where I can earn coins without needing much in the way of power ups. Amsterdam is great, and it looks like Manila is too. Even if I guess wrong the first ten levels of a city are usually not too bad, and I just stop without building the monument if it will need coins, extra resources, or doing a side quest that is too hard.



[Post New]by gumdropfan on Oct 15, 16 10:47 AM
I agree that some levels are "insanely difficult," as you say. What I have learned about saving money on this game:

(1) Slow Down--I sometimes get caught up in the action and start working too fast, choosing bad moves.

(2) Examine The Board--I have learned the hard way to take note of which columns have exit arrows at the bottom, which have circles, etc.

(3) Change Strategies--Misdirection is one of the favorite tricks that the designers put in this game. For example, I might be wasting moves trying to break those chains over on the sides, when I should just play for the point count. Another example: On two or three boards, I needed red gummies to burst a color blocker, but no red gummies were falling down. Then I created and blew up a line blaster of a different color, and suddenly all kinds of red gummies showered down on the board.

(4) Check The Forum--When I start a city, I make a paper list of the levels that have forum advice and go back to the forum to read about it when I reach one of the levels on the list.

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