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Book Puzzle

[Post New]by grimfold on Sep 19, 16 11:19 PM
I am having trouble with this puzzle. Info says to start with the raised book - but no books are raised at the beginning of the game. Any hints?

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Re:Book Puzzle

[Post New]by ganonsbane on Sep 20, 16 2:32 PM
I had trouble with it, too, & don't remember the solution. You can look in the SG for that.

The way that I figured it out is:

1. Look for the Books that have only 1 Symbol. One of those has to be last so find the Book with 1 Symbol that has only 1 Book with 2 Symbols that has a matching Symbol. Now, you know the last 2 Books to be raised. The Book with 2 Symbols then the Book with the Symbol that has only 1 matching Symbol.

2. The other Books with 1 Symbol have to be raised when you still have a 2 Symbol Book that has 1 Symbol that matches that Symbol. There is a Book with a Symbol that looks (sort of) like 8 Wheel Spokes. You need to raise it before raising the Last 2 Symbol Book that has a Matching Symbol.


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