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Level 22 be rich help please ??

[Post New]by helen3479 on Sep 20, 16 12:31 PM
level 22 where you need to have 3 star chateaus on premium lots, how can you get expert when one of the properties you have to buy to bulldoze so you can build a chateau doesnt come up for sale to well after the expert timer as ran out ?

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Re:Level 22 be rich help please ??

[Post New]by LoriW on Mar 11, 17 6:56 PM
I can't remember this level exactly but hope this helps. When you had to buy certain lots I found it helpful to buy all the lots that come up for sale as I found that the other lots came up more frequently than the one you wanted. Buying the others meant the game had no choice but to put that lot up for sale. But even then I had to complete some levels more than once as the lot I wanted to buy came up a bit too late to complete the upgrades.

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