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wiping the painting with sponge

[Post New]by tyyllls on Sep 20, 16 3:14 PM
I can't go any further in the game. I have the sponge with something poured on it (I can't remember what) and I try to wipe the picture. I hear a wiping sound, but nothing happens. I'm real frustrated. Can anyone help?


Re:wiping the painting with sponge

[Post New]by yellowflat on Sep 21, 16 4:58 AM
Hello Tyyllls, highlight the space below to read,

to wipe the angel painting you need to combine the sponge with the solvent. You can find the solvent in the laboratory room (the room behind the fireplace in the knights room).
The combined sponge is a "cleaning sponge", rub it continuously on the painting until all the picture will be cleaned.

Good Luck

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