game won't load

[Post New]by ashkonsmom on Mar 19, 10 11:27 PM
I played this game at another site for its 60 minutes demo and liked it. I usually buy games from BF so I came to download the demo and it never loaded. It would start the monitor would turn black like it was about to switch to game mode like others do and then the BIGFISH game manager comes up and says play again. I thought hmm well I lost the demo, time ran out and I never started 1 game no probs I bought it, and re-downloaded the update and nothing has changed. My system is up to date enough to play this game and NOTHING else is interfering with it as I can play all other games I have bought in the past. Can you help my fix this game I want to play.



Re:game won't load

[Post New]by midnight_rambler on Mar 24, 10 8:25 PM
I am also having this issue. I go into game manager, select the game and click "Play now"... and nothing happens. I actually have to go to task manager and kill the process for "2 Tasty".

My system is a HP Pavillion with a quad-core AMD processor, 3 GB of RAM and 650 GB of free drive space. The operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate retail, not an OEM edition. I am running the latest drivers for my AMI All-In-Wonder HD video card with 1 GB of video RAM. The DXDIAG comes back with no issues and I am running Direct X 11. I have changed my desktop from Win 7 Aero to Windows Classic and turned off the Aero effects.

Seriously, since this game doesn't even try to load, I'd be glad to uninstall it and select a different game, seeing as 2 Tasty appears to be quite buggy.

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Re:game won't load

[Post New]by Melissa1978_01 on Mar 29, 10 10:38 PM
I am having this issue too I tried clicking on it 3 times I am all updated too and nothing it happens even clicked to unlock it says play now I click on it and still nothing 3 times now so I just uninstalled it but what annoys me is I wasted a game credit I had on a non working game.

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