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[Post New]by SweetNellyBly on Sep 22, 16 12:05 AM
1) Since the tournaments start at 3am, does this game originate in what country?
2) I've played this game before and had worked most of the portal quests, but with the update I was wiped out..now back to level 28 and still no portal quests....WHEN do you get them??

Thanks for taking the time to answer and for the gifts!

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[Post New]by Oldboyracer on Sep 22, 16 7:53 AM
I would think it's the USA or Russia. The start time depends on where you are located, for me it's 4 PM. The developers are in Saint Petersburg I think & that would be midday for them, BFG are in Seattle which would be 1 AM for them. The choice is yours but I think Russia is favourite.
As for your 2nd question we're all waiting patiently for them.



[Post New]by Hilltown5string on Sep 22, 16 8:26 AM
Me too!.

I am now on my third try to get to level 55 again. I hope it doesn't crash again between levels 52 thru 54 like it has been doing.

With the latest update I've noticed several oddities...

Weapons are becoming rare (swords and slings). I seldom get any spray bottles for the gremlins, so I gave up on those.

Oats, rosaries and torches now only on occasion, getting frustrating.

Getting more nails than I care to think about.

Ship issue is not fun at all.



[Post New]by cashlady2080 on Sep 23, 16 12:55 AM
I love this game and it is addictive BUT the payoff is terrible. just note, once you have a few of one item, you get that item more often.



[Post New]by Happy_Ours1 on Sep 23, 16 10:10 AM
Hi there,

I enjoy this game, for the most part, but...

Reading this thread, coupled with the "ship issue," makes it seem as though it might be an effort on the part of the developers to get us to spend more money.

I mean, if we're not getting the things we need, we'll be forced to spend rubies to purchase what we need if we want to complete quests and advance in the game. Once our rubies are depleted, we'll be tempted to spend real money on purchasing more rubies, so we can purchase items we need, and so the cycle continues...

Ever notice how so few of the items are able to be purchased using gold coins???

The ship quests were a guaranteed way to obtain rubies, and now that avenue has been cut off or tampered with. Either the timer is stuck at 30 minutes, or the ship keeps returning requesting the same items we obviously don't have, so what might that tempt some of us to do?...buy them so we can send the ship to complete an Achivist quest, and get rubies and hard-to-acquire items...And so the cycle continues...

Just a thought...What are y'alls?

Take care,

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