Stuck on Romansburg, android game for tablet

[Post New]by Eduardo12 on Sep 23, 16 9:18 AM
Dear coplayers of Syberia 2,

I've bought Syberia 2 andoid game for tablet and hoped to enjoy it, though enjoyment time was short - I am afraid Syberia 2 for android is bugged or I am just missing something - I am stuck in Romansburg in finding Bourgoff brothers to get the gasoline. I think if it's not a bug it rather would be missing direction. When I make Kate come to coal machine, it has two direction - back and forward. While back makes Kate get to the starting point where Malka is. The second direction only leads to empty path with two directions - first to coal machine and second to where Malka stands. I am not getting near where Bourgoff brothers are.

Please assist me with the issue. I really hope it is not a bug issue but problem with navigation issue with direction errors.

I would really thank you for the help though the game is out of fashion now.

Thanks in advance and forgive for any grammatical errors if there are any.


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