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[Post New]by ledinuke29 on Mar 21, 10 3:42 AM
do jou like

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[Post New]by bunnydog on Mar 22, 10 9:17 PM
I was disappointed in this game. Since there was the listing of the ten top Hidden Objects games on the page next to the game information, I thought it was a hidden object game. I don't mind doing some spot-the-difference puzzles, but there were just too many for me. Thankfully the scenes were generally clear enough to spot the differences. I did play for the hour trial (thank you Big Fish for having this available!), but I couldn't really get into the game.

I thought the "identify the suspect" was a good idea, but when I played it, I just ended up randomly clicking. I had thought it would be like a logic puzzle so the player could eliminate the suspects. Showing that the suspect had a big nose didn't help much when there were no profile shots of the people.

I'm glad it appealed to some people, but it is just not for me.

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[Post New]by ccostly on Aug 20, 10 8:05 PM
Unfortunately, I did not like this game. I played about a half hour of the hour free trial and stopped. It seemed like the same thing over and over and didn't feel like I was getting anywhere. It was kind of confusing as to what I should be doing in each area of the office...I thought this would be more of a HOG and it was not. I wouldn't recommend this game unless you really like the same puzzle styles/screen shots in repetition.

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[Post New]by pysanky13 on Mar 2, 11 6:45 AM
This is the best Spot the Differences game out there. All the other games using Art are for hidden objects that are just pasted into real paintings. This is totally different and all frames are spot the differences. the running thread of the 'ghost' art forger is a bit of fun relief. this is much more clever than just pasted on images that don't fit the picture. A lot of cloning and erasing made the differences a challenge most of the time with some being easy to spot and others very difficult. There are a LOT of paintings to do-some with a scroller as they are very wide. I liked the tools to help you see the differences and the fact that three of them were always available once you purchased them (magnifier, double arrow and telescope).

You can choose the level of difficulty from easy, advanced or professional; the music is soothing if repetitive. You can choose paintings to replay any time after you have completed them and can play mini games any time for extra money to purchase helps. The Hint button recharges and can be used without penalty.

I had tried a demo on another site but will be buying this to do at odd moments. I doubt I will be able to remember all of the differences in so many paintings so it will have lots of replay value.

If you are looking for spot the differences with a challenge then this is for you. The story with the forger that ties the different paintings together just stops but finding the differences is the main objective of the game. There are also mini match games and click to exchange places at intervals plus being able to choose some at any time.

I have played this on and off for days and am just getting to the end. A definite replay for me. do not expect hidden objects-this is spot the differences only!


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