Under church

[Post New]by micheleappleyard on Sep 26, 16 11:24 AM
I am to the point where I have to get the four pieces to connect at the same time. I got them to do it but it starts over. HELP What am I doing wrong?


Re:Under church

[Post New]by yellowflat on Sep 27, 16 8:27 AM
Hello Micheleappleyard, highlight the space below to read..

the lower left piece is locked, so you have to place the other three pieces in order that, once you start the mechanism, all the four pieces reach the center of the panel at the same time.
follow the little notches on the trails: slide the upper left by 4 spaces, the upper right by 12 spaces and the lower right by 16 spaces.
If you start the mechanism now it should work.

Good Luck!


Re:Under church

[Post New]by micheleappleyard on Sep 30, 16 7:48 AM
Awesome thank you. That was cool how you hide that...lol

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