I figured out how to get 3 stars

[Post New]by paulene_roark on Sep 26, 16 8:04 PM
I was on the last two shops and having the hardest time getting any stars at all, then it finally clicked. The key to getting 3 stars on the last two shops is keeping your girl several clicks ahead cutting hair, changing shoe table and checking out people, while at the same time, concentrate on keeping the grey greeting chairs from being full, always have at least one opening in them, if you have 3 people there, customers will not come in and you don't get enough customers to fill your quota. Once or twice each level the changing rooms will start backing everyone up, just have one of them be in your clicking lineup so she will help move the line along. Using this method, I was able to get 3 stars on every level, but it was still a nice challenge. Loved it.

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