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Will o'wisp

[Post New]by Tinyfeet2 on Sep 28, 16 5:25 PM
Does the will o'wisp EVER drop? I've battled umpteen gremlins and get JACK! Then I've wasted the items that come from the ship quests....... and we all know what's happening with that. Been on the same 4 quests for 2 weeks.

Without trying to rehash what has already been posted and seemingly ignored by the writers/developers of the game, so many of the quests revolve around the ship........ bla, bla, bla, bla..............

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Re:Will o'wisp

[Post New]by Doodlebug2 on Sep 29, 16 7:52 AM
Welcome to the frustration club. Got you beat, though. Been on the same quest for 2 months. Also, my only quest. Need to activate the Ranger's collection. Not happening. Need to kill the Turg leader. No leather slings, no swamp gas or whatever is in that little green bottle. Gone


Re:Will o'wisp

[Post New]by Hilltown5string on Sep 29, 16 8:22 AM
I have 7 of those swamp gas antidotes if that's what you need, i'll give you one, but i need to friend you first.. can i have your id?

I had to delete some players that I think gave up, so I'm now below 100, and now can add some friends back.

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