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Lost in the City comments and reviews

[Post New]by cche on Mar 22, 10 12:07 AM
Structure is 40 chapters each with a page of reading, and a variable number of tasks each of which may give you some additional comentary. Tasks may be hidden object, very easy logic puzzle, picture, interlocking rotation, or connect the dots. Played through the entire game in two sessions, roughly five hours for me, in classic mode. Relaxed mode is untimed. Note that there is a good deal of bonus material which you may gain access to by "buying secrets" using money earned as score for completing tasks. Play in relaxed mode may limit your access to this material. Play is generally very easy, needed only 2 hints, and used walkthrough for final sequence puzzle because game did not display the required symbols for me. Strangely, after I consulted the walk through the symbols DID display, and puzzle turned out to be quite easy.

Graphics ok, somewhat blurry, but nearly everything you must find is identifiable. You can right-click to activate a magnifier, but at least for me it was useless as it only magnified by about 5%, and did not improve clarity.

Music is fairly short clip, but not terribly bothersome. Fits atmosphere well.

Story is above average, with enough twists and turns to keep my interest, but just barely.

Over all, plenty of activity for those who like a less challenging game. Experts may enjoy the story, but will not be challenged. I chose to pass it up at $6.99, but at $2.99 it is a good buy. 4.3 on my scale of 10.

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Re:Lost in the City comments and reviews

[Post New]by nanaseaweed on Mar 23, 10 8:19 AM
This game is not my cup of tea. I had no idea it would get as dark as it did. I would have appreciated a warning??...I thought it played well and was interesting and I did play to the end. I also did relaxed play. But I won't play this kind of game again if I can help it.


Re:Lost in the City comments and reviews

[Post New]by Arabvulture on May 14, 10 3:12 AM
It's a very interested game but for many of player it's so easy.
The very important thing that makes me play it its story.
No man the story of it is very beautiful !!

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