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How to win Level 30

[Post New]by EnvirEng on Mar 22, 10 11:01 AM
Hi All,

Level 30 require patience, but is winable. Simply bypas the bottom-most shooter. The shooter plant above it does shoot the water in the wrong direction (to the left), but with a little clever line drawing, you can capture and direct the drops to the right--to the water plant. You have to draw a line while a bunch of drops are in the air. And, you might have to do that twice, but it works.

Also, don't get ahead of yourself. Block the path to the third shooter, then drain the water from the cloud down the the left shooter (not the bottom one). Next, direct water to the water plant (far right). Once that is producting water, you can erase some lines to give you enough ink to work on the next move--shooting water up to the topmost water plant.

Don't send water to the relocatin plant until you have enough ink to draw the line you need on the left side of the screen. Hope this helps!

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