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Some hints from beyond the purchase

[Post New]by ecblisa on Mar 22, 10 11:20 AM
I agree with Poodlebear and others who have reviewed this game that it is primitive and boring, but I bought it anyway, for two reasons. One is that I find it an easy way to relearn some Egyptology I've half forgotten, the other is that I want a full card this month, and I'm not there yet. So, I'll pass on what I learned by continuing to play the game.

It is not true that timing out ends the game. If you time out, you will get a score (this is the point where the game asks for your name). You then have the choice of starting a new game or continuing for a better score.

The game does get harder as more token types are added. And beware, if there are no matches left on the board, it does not reset. Your only move then is to guess the remaining letters in the answer, and you lose a lot of time for each wrong guess (but at least you don't have to sit there doing nothing as the time runs out).

There may be an unlimited number of levels. I say that because, except for tokens being added as your score goes up, all levels are the same, and the questions start to reappear in random order once you've played enough levels. So there may be no "end," just a diminishing ability to finish the next level.

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