Who dun it???? (possible spoiler)

[Post New]by bessflint on Oct 2, 16 8:46 AM
Just finished the game but still don't know who the real monster was. I have difficulty recognising faces in real life (i'm faceblind) and simply have no idea who was the culprit. Nor does it say why he was the murderer - unless i'm missing something along the way. Very very poor endin, seems like the developers just got fed up with making the game and simply stopped it.
Not buying another collectors game from thse people, disappointing

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Re:Who dun it???? (possible spoiler)

[Post New]by jill165x on Nov 17, 16 7:28 PM
Mouse over and highlight the white text: The policeman you were working with is the killer. He had a dual personality disorder. The doctor who adopted him from the orphanage tried electric shock therapy which made things worse. He was killing other people who where at the orphanage because his twisted logic held those kids responsible.

In the bonus game, a female former orphan was trying to kill the headmistress and doctor because she loved him and blamed them for his execution.

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