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It's about time to delete the game.

[Post New]by Tinyfeet2 on Oct 4, 16 7:18 AM
My first tech issue with the game was the incompatibility message, which was fixed in a timely manner. THANK YOU TECH TEAM FOR YOUR QUICK RESPONSE.

Since the last update, the vast majority of the players, including me have experienced several issues. All are known if one just browses the forum for a short time. Almost daily, there's a new post, comment or thread with the same issues.

At this point, I have lost rubies, gold, rosary beads, grain/flour, torches, magic wands, silver seal/stamps and various other items needed to finish quests/collections.

I have sent several messages to the tech team, via the tech issues thread; sent Dr. Felix reports TO the tech team and have yet to see any solutions beyond already posted helps.

I love the game, it's graphics are amazing. After figuring out one quest will open several others my frustration level lowered quite a bit. UNTIL THE LAST UPDATE!!!

I'm beginning to think this game, specifically it's issues with the missing items, tech issues and such, is nothing more than a social experiment to see how long players will continue to play.

I will not play much longer if the current issues are not satisfactorily addressed and or fixed. To all my friends, when I've had enough, be expecting gifts until my inventory has been depleted. I will gift out everything I have.

I fear, for the game, many other either have or will follow suit.


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Re:It's about time to delete the game.

[Post New]by cashlady2080 on Oct 4, 16 11:25 AM
I feel for you, I am reaching the same point. I won't give my stuff away but I will stop playing until the issue is fixed. I WILL NOT SPEND ONE MORE DIME.

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