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MYSTERY SOLVED!! Games switched?

[Post New]by puzzledone on Mar 23, 10 3:01 AM
We're asking how could BF feature this game....too early for April Fools.

I think I got it! Today's $2.99 DD Alice's Magical Mahjong is a total steal, even if it were for $6.99, I'm just wondering....did someone goof and this TGT Isiadiada disaster was meant to be a DD and they got switched??? Oh my lands, somebody's in trouble now, who's the butterfingers on that key switch?

Only thing that is logical to me for BF to lose a whole day's sales. But hey, let's all make it right for them, jump on this Mahjong one. With or without kids, absolutely delightful and should be a top seller, I just grabbed it before the price goes up as tomorrow's featured game.

What honor system? huh? Sure, I could have gladly used a game credit on it but cash just jumped out of my fingers with the promo code. Now I feel a little guilty as I would have paid full price had they asked.....

Or is Felix just trying to make it up to us who said so many bad things about yesterday's "deal". This more than makes up for it. Thank you

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