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Series Order For "Otherworld" (To Date)

[Post New]by JulzCat on Oct 5, 16 9:31 AM
1. Spring of Shadows
2. Omens of Summer
3. Shades of Fall

*Unfortunately, Big Fish decided not to develop the fourth installment "Otherworld: Eternal Winter". I'm still hoping that someday somebody will finish the series.


I can't believe they aren't finishing the Series

[Post New]by Obieboy on Oct 14, 16 10:43 AM
I'm really late to this thread (a year late, to be exact). It still boggles my mind that Big Fish Games can't see the completion of a really beautiful series.

I liken BoomZap's ingenuity to what I saw with Blue Tea Games (before they merged with Eipix):

- Beautiful graphics
- Compelling storylines
- Intricate H.O.P.'s
- Somewhat difficult (yet never easy) mini-games

I've scoured the Internet to find another venue that published this game, but BoomZap hasn't brought it to light.

It's a darn shame.

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