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Words make a difference....

[Post New]by Tinyfeet2 on Oct 5, 16 10:32 AM

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Re:Words make a difference....

[Post New]by bfgIlinalta on Oct 5, 16 1:03 PM
Hello everyone,

I just wanted to swim by and remind everyone of the Forum Rules, specifically:

Treat others with respect. Harassing, attacking, threatening, provoking, calling unwanted attention to, name-calling, insulting, or bothering other users, moderators, or Big Fish employees on the forums will not be tolerated. Play nice.

Do not discuss moderator disciplinary actions. Moderators will not discuss actions and ask that you do not either. Posts that contain this information will be removed and may incur further disciplinary action.

Make sure your posts are constructive and add to the conversation on the forums. Posting just to "level up" or "bump" discussions is considered SPAM. Posts that are not game related will be removed.

By following these rules, we can all help provide an easily accessible and family-friend community for players of all ages to enjoy and discuss their games on. Thank you all for your time.

Since this post is not on topic, I am going to go ahead and lock it to help keep our forums more on topic. If anyone has a question about this post or the forums, please feel free to PM me directly or any of our active Moderators. We're all happy to listen and help out as best we can.


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