Bonus Chapter Level 10

[Post New]by InSearchOfFun on Oct 6, 16 4:25 AM
Please help! I have played this level about 50 times and loose by 1 minute. I tried so many different approaches and none of them work. I use all the bonuses (running) etc. I have tried to follow the strategy guide, but run out of wood to upgrade everything if I upgrade the Quarry too quickly, so I usually wait until I am entering the path for the Food.

I can't find a video for this level on YouTube either, so there isn't any help out there. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Re:Bonus Chapter Level 10

[Post New]by ronnancy on Oct 8, 16 12:02 PM
Stuck in the same place- last level to get 3 stars. Any help appreciated!

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Re:Bonus Chapter Level 10

[Post New]by tyler2 on Oct 9, 16 2:59 AM
This is one of those levels that goes right down to the last second and I hope someone comes up with a little easier way to do it! I do get three stars on it, but not always on the first try...

Clear to both trees and the Quarry - Upgrade the Quarry.
Start working towards the left side while clearing the path to the Handyman.
Work up to the Sawmill as the priority and clear around the BloodDonald's and Gunpowder Merchant only as you have an open worker
Build the Sawmill and BloodDonald's pretty much at the same time and upgrade both.
Build the Forge while working towards the Iron and upgrade the Forge as soon as possible.
Build and upgrade the Iron, then use the upgrade all buildings booster.
Only buy gunpowder twice (to make one bomb) and build the Handyman.
Remove the bottom right trap and chair and immediately start clearing up the right path and along the bottom path as well.
As you can buy 6 more gunpowders and 3 sands.
Clear towards the top center building (the FOC) as your lowest priority, usually removing just one thing randomly when you have a chance (ha!), getting to the satellite dish and Dispatch Tower is more difficult and time consuming.
You'll need a generator and an acid pump, plus a magnifying glass.
Build the buildings in whatever order you can manage, although I usually seem to be building both of them at the same time.

I can't even guess how many different ways I tried this level until I hit on this way, but it sure isn't easy. At any rate I hope it works for you, too!


Re:Bonus Chapter Level 10

[Post New]by foffin42 on Dec 17, 16 9:45 PM
tyler2 - Thank you! This one was killing me. With your instructions, I got it on the first try.

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