Spain Stage 1

[Post New]by orchidsandrain on Mar 23, 10 5:29 PM
HI, can anyone give me tips on getting Spain Stage 1 in gold? Thanks.

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Re:Spain Stage 1

[Post New]by Leaty on Mar 24, 10 12:15 PM
Hmmm... where's the problem? I found it a rather easy stage, just a bit hectic.

Your first goal is to build the Mod-shop as quickly as you can. Wash the dirty Bee to get a bit of rent.
Once that's done, fix your broken car. Buy 1 or 2 additional working Bees when you can and they're cheap.
Now start getting additional employees. As soon as your goals get updated, hire the needed experts, and start upgrading your cars (no need to buy additional spare parts).
Keep hiring additional employees (not experts) until your last goal appears: gathering 300k money. Selling your upgraded cars should be enough to reach that.

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